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    Colorful surface pattern design and illustration art be bold and colorful

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    All Posts Announcements DIY Home decor Log in / Sign up Cynthia Haller 26 minutes ago 6 min Practicing the art of gratitude What if I told you there is one foolproof way to instantly boost your mood and energy and has the potential to change your life? This... 2 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked Cynthia Haller 2 days ago 3 min Printing stickers at home with your inkjet printer Disclaimer : This post contains Amazon affiliate links, if you click on them and make a purchase I get paid a commission at no extra... 7 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked Cynthia Haller 4 days ago 2 min Welcome to the new Home Cyn Home website Once upon a time, a girl started a blog on a platform called blogger, it was back in 2004 and it was a time when blogs were kind of... 49 views 2 comments 5 likes. Post not marked as liked 5

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    SHOP OUR DESIGNS You can find Home Cyn Home illustration art and designs, including her India themed art in several print on demand stores across the world. Society6 Home Cyn Home's main shop. It has all the designs ever created in a wide array of products from home decor to apparel. They ship worldwide and it's quality you can trust. Redbubble Redbubble is mainly known for their wide range of apparel and quirky stickers which they ship worldwide. do check their other cool products though, they have quite a range of home decor items as well. Threadless Threadless does mostly apparels and bags. Their unique selling point in our opinion are their shoes and skateboards. contrado Contrado is home to our most exclusive products : Genuine Leather handbags, the shop also has a collection of fabric you can buy per the meter and a few cool umbrellas. teepublic Home of the comfiest t-shirts! We speak from experience and they ship worldwide too. patreon For the dedicated fans who want exclusive printables and phone wallpaper every month. Each tier upgrade unlocks additional rewards.

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    Cynthia Haller Meet the designer Hi! My name is Cynthia Haller and I am an illustrator and surface designer from Switzerland who moved to India a lifetime ago. I currently live in Mumbai with my husband, kids and pets. ​ I'm a tea lover, notebook and journal addict and lover of everything mint and pink, two colors I use in my artwork a lot. ​ Home Cyn Home started as a personal blog back in 2013 and evolved to become a design brand over the year. The blog is now no more, I decided to streamline the branding and focus only on design, home decor and lifestyle ​ I currently sell my designs on Society6 , Redbubble and a few other Print on Demand companies. One day I dream to have my own line of home decor textiles and a line of cute stationery supplies. ​ If you are interested in working on a collab, shoot me an email to see if we could be a good fit. ​ If you are crazy about printables and stickers, make sure to join my newsletter . Shop my art