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It's official! Several of my designs are now featured on Deny Designs and I could not be more excited for this! Deny Design is Society6's sister site, but exclusively deal in whole sale with wholesale partners signed up with them so this is not somewhere the general public can by from directly, but chances are you've hear from some of their partners :

Urban Outfitters, Target, Nordstrom and Anthropologie to name just a few of the big names.

So being part of the Deny Design family is really a big deal for me as you can imagine. My artist gallery there will keep on growing, and for now, they curated all of my Diwali designs, because the festive season is fast approaching and I'm stoked to report they also chose to feature two of my favourite designs in the initial gallery:

This Scandinavian style spiky Christmas tree in a minimalist black, white and gold palette which I created last December and instantly fell in love with.

One of the reason I love it so much is that unlike many of my other Christmas designs it's timeless, can be added to any Christmas decor because it's neutral enough to not clash with a bolder and more colorful Holidays theme decor, and last but not least, you can easily keep it around in your post Holidays decor. You know, that time when it becomes embarrassing (or rather frowned upon by certain people) to have a Christmas tree still standing in your living room. You can still keep some Christmas alive well into February with this cute pattern, because it has a log cabin kind of vibe about it.

The other design that has been my favourite for a while is the pink flamingo pattern :

It's pink, it's tropical, it's fun...enough said and that was the design I picked as my Apple watch band back in January, so seeing it being picked among hundreds of designs by Deny, is super special to me really. Fun fact about it, I painted those flamingoes in 2017 or 2018 when I just started selling on Society, and I revisited it in January this year by combining it with a digitally drawn bird of paradise flower and green leaves. If you look close enough, you will see the flower elements appearing as light pink on the pink background. Layering elements in a pattern is something I enjoy doing.

Since Deny Design exclusively does wholesale, they only deal with partners registered with them, if you are a retailer, or know someone who would be interested in selling those designs on Deny's product in their shop, you must fill their form first to register with them.

If you are an individual customer interested in buying one product just for yourself, Deny Design has those on Society6 and all of the designs above and more, are available out of my own Society6 shop.

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