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January 2023 calendar page

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

I hope you celebrated well and are ready to embrace 2023 with a renewed sense of purpose, motivation and spirit to crush any goals you have.

With the new year, I decided to write a blog post to announce the upload of the month's printable calendar page on the freebie page, because let's face it, we don't always remember to check that one and I would hate for you guys to miss planning your month in style with the Home Cyn Home printable calendar.

The printable calendar tradition started years ago and I think the first edition goes as way back as 2014. It was in the old days when I wasn't yet turning my artwork into commercial designs and patterns and just had a lifestyle blog (on Blogger). I used to let people know about the page of the month on the 1st of each month, and it was free to download. It's still free, but since creating the Home Cyn Home website last April, I ended up moving toward creating a freebie page that only site members can access because I found writing newsletters every weeks a bit daunting but still wanted my susbcribers to stick around.

The 2023 calendar is also downloadable on Patreon for tier 2 and 3 where you can get the whole 12 months all at once.

Of all the calendars I created over the years, this one has been the biggest struggle because for the longest time I couldn't find a theme. At the end of October I realised I was not even started, so in the spirit of keeping it simple and not loose my mind or overcomplicate my life in the middle of the festive season, I decided to use some of the patterns I created in the past year, one for each month. January is all about cute tea cups, and embracing the cooler days with a warm beverage. This pattern has a matching art print on Society6 and I have created several color version of it in the past few months. I picked the light blue and beige palette for January because I have synesthesia and January is light blue and gold (don't ask how or why).

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