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January 2024 printable calendar

January 2024 printable calendar

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

We completed a trip around the sun, and it is now time to get ready with a brand new printable calendar and a renewed sense of purpose and new goals to make and reach.

But let's start with the January 2024 printable calendar page shall we? It's available in the Freebie zone, and if you aren't a member yet, no problem! It's free, and as a bonus you get email notifications each time I publish a new blog post, such as this one, and every now and then, I do send a newsletter with big announcement (don't worry it happens only 2-3 times a year usually).

Happy new year printable post card with pink champagne bottles

A few days back I also shared another printable, also available in the Freebie zone, and on Patreon (it's free there too) : a Happy New Year postcard featuring champagne bottles I drew in the last week of December and are available for sale on Society6 and Teepublic.

If you want to download all 12 page of the printable calendar all at once or get the printable art work that went on illustrating this month, they are both available for sale in my Patreon digital shop which is the place you can do one time purchase without locking yourself into a membership. That said Tier 3 Patreons get access to those shop printables for FREE along with all the other Patreon rewards I shared over the year. So if your resolution this year is to support small artists, Patreon is always a GREAT way to do it, no matter what tier you pledge at.

So now that we are officially in 2024, what are you hoping for? Any goals? Resolutions? Things to look forward to? I'm looking forward to another year of growth and business opportunities, and one of my goals in 2024 is to learn more about licensing and take the plunge and start pitching myself to brands instead of waiting passively.

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