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March 2023 calendar page and stickers

We dusted another month on our mad spin around the sun and are embracing the last month of the 1st quarter already! This means only one thing : the printable calendar page for the month of March is up for grab in the Freebie zone!

If your brand new to Home Cyn Home, the Freebie zone is this cool, member only area where you get to download cool printables every month. Don't worry, joining as a member is 100% free and you can quit anytime you want.

Speaking of printable, this month I also uploaded a super cute little cacti stickers set in the member area, so if you click on the Freebie page, you'll find it there as well.

In my synesthetic mind, March is green, and by extension, it's the month of all things plants. I can't seem to move past the plant theme, I always gravitate toward it, year after years.

The irony? I'm probably the biggest brown thumb in the history of brown thumbs. I kid you not, I can kill snake plants! That's my super power people! We found out back in 2020 that I'm better off not even watering the plants at home, when I do, they die, when hubby does it, they thrive, even though he just pours water the same way I do, I think he just has the kind of calming energy plants love.

March is also the first month of intense heat over here in Mumbai, and climate change oblige, it has already started in February this year (not happy about it). The only positive about the return of the heat is that I can go back to swimming regularly. On the artsy/design front, I am going to work on putting a lot of designs in my pipeline before the heat send me into a creative rest phase. Those of you making a living out of their creativity probably know it better as "creative block" but I no longer really want to associate it to a negative term, and if you haven't read about it yet, I wrote a blog post about coping and getting over that phase. Hint hint, it involves being kind to yourself.

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