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March 2024 printable calendar page

The March 2024 calendar page is ready to download and print in the freebie zone

The March 2024 printable calendar page is here! It's available in the Freebie zone and if you aren't a member yet, don't worry, it's free to join, and I don't spam. As a bonus you also never will miss a blog post again. So, before we dive into the month of March, how has your longer than usual month of February gone? Here, it's been a creative month, I'm working on a collection that will probably go live in the next week or so and my Patreons got to download cool frog themed rewards (in honour of the Leap year). I also have a possible coastal inspired collection in the making thanks to my drawing a million possibilities for a Spoonflower design challenge. So let's talk about March now shall we? For me it's always a taxing month, for some reason I always end up taking on more than I can chew and my energy levels are not in synch with my ambition. It's always felt like a month when I get out of hibernation and forget to warm up before I get into action. So this year I wrote myself a huge fat reminder in my planner to just take it easy and remember to be kind to myself. Change of seasons can be exhausting no matter what they are. Growing up it was going out of SAD mode induced by the lack of light in the winter, here in Mumbai it's going from pleasantly cool winter months to blistering hot fiery pits of hell temperatures in the matter of a few days. The body needs time to cope with that kind of changes. This means it's no time to want to draw all the ideas, get into five thousands projects and try to do it all. Speaking of creative projects, if you are a commercial artist / designer, here is what you should be focusing on during the month of March :

  • Start promoting all your spring themed designs, people are ready to bring in the cute florals and pastel out as the snow melts and the trees start spouting new leaves and blooms.

  • Start designing or collecting ideas for fall themed designs! Yup, before it's officially spring, you need to start getting into pumpkin mode already so that you have things ready to upload in a few months. It's especially important if you are working of collections to roll in for fall.

  • Keep uploading all those summer themed patterns, summer florals, tropical and coastal designs. If you sell your patterns on fabric, chances are people are already thinking of all the beach and summer outfits they can sew now and are starting to pin and save ideas. You can also upload spring themed designs but it might be a bit late if you plan on SEO alone for people to find them and it's definitely getting late for all Easter themed prints and designs because you never want to cut it too close to a Holiday's delivery cutout date. Here is my little secret when it comes to designing ahead of a season when the climate you live in isn't inspiring. Living in a tropical climate, it's hard enough to get into fall season mood in August, leave alone March. What I usually do, is design seasonal stuff closer to the uploading window because it usually is monsoon season which is the closest to fall we ever get and upload those I created in June - July along with some I created the year before but never uploaded. Or I recolor some older fall themed designs in March - April and put them in a folder so that they are ready to upload comes July. I also keep uploading fall themed designs in October even though I know they might not grab any eyeballs then, chances are they will the next year as Google will have had time to index them by then. On these wise words, I'm going to leave you to plan the month ahead.

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