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May 2023 Calendar page

The month of May is upon us and it's time for you to head to the freebie zone and download this month's printable calendar page.

I don't know about you, but I found April to be quite brutal and I am looking forward to a month that is a bet more laid back. April was a month of entirely too much going on between my daughter's ballet show rehearsal, said ballet show, study time for school exam, more study time for a ballet exam, a spring break, many social engagement both mine and my daughter's....This introvert needs a break, and quite expectedly, my creativity entirely went on the back burner. Thankfully, I know what to expect and do when a creative block hits. For a start, I have a big reserve of unpublished patterns and artworks to fall back on to keep the ball rolling, and it helps a ton. I seem to follow a pattern with creativity and energy, and every year the biggest slump occurs in March-April, I know I can expect a rebound around mid-May and that is comforting. So anyway, how are things going on with all of you?

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