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Must read books : Rich as F*ck by Amanda Frances

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

As an avid self-help book reader, and a strong believer in changing your mindset to change your life, I thought of creating a new blog post series about the self-help books I read and loved. Home Cyn Home being not just a design brand, but also about living your best life, sharing the books that inspired me to kept me going and aiming for the stars just seemed about fitting.

I could have started with any books, I read a lot of them, all teaching me valuable lessons along the way (even the ones I didn't finish), but to kickstart the series, I chose the one I read the most recently. The links below are all Amazon Affiliate links by the way, if you click on them and make a purchase, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you.

rich as f*ck - By amanda frances

This is the only book that I bought twice...yup...TWICE. I first decided to buy it in the Kindle format, because I was eager to dive in. As soon as I started reading it though, it became clear that it was a book I would need a hard copy of, just so I could go back to the homework pages easily and find highlighted paragraphs faster, so I bought the paperback version a week or so later.

Amanda Frances is apparently known as the Money Queen but I never heard of her before that book. The reason I bought this one, is that I have been working really hard for the past 3 years to get to the root of childhood traumas around money and what I am starting to realise now is also a phobia around money and finance. Chrometophobia is the name and it's apparently a common enough phobia. In my case, I know the root of most of it, and I am dedicated to the idea of getting over it.

Cue in the self-help books and journaling! Being an entrepreneur and having a fear that goes around money isn't exactly a match made in heaven and I'm more in love with the idea of building my own business and brand and painting the world in bold and colorful tones than I am giving a phobia some rent free space in my life. This book is not the first one I read on the topic of money and changing your mindset around it, but so far I think it's the most impactful. Like all books I tend to read, this one does speak of the law of attraction, but in the more practical and rational way, which would make it a good read for anyone who isn't totally sold on the "woo woo" factor of the LoA. Amanda's message is clear : You are responsible for creating your own reality and how you think affects your life. She drives the point home in each chapters with actionable steps to work toward shifting your mindset and force you to dive deep into your past to uncover self limiting beliefs and change them.

Each chapter ends with some homeworks where she asks you to take your journal and answer some of the homework questions, which really are just journaling prompts to get you started. Remember that blog post about journaling for self-growth I wrote a few months back? This book is great book to get you started on working on some self-limiting beliefs you might have about earning or spending money. Her prompts really push you to go deep into introspecting about the beliefs you grew up with and how they still affect you today. Two of the most impactful things in this book which I realised I have to work on are :

  • Getting over the self-limiting mindset of "Either/Or" and move toward a mindset of "Both/and". Interestingly a year before starting to read this book I had written about my needing to stop thinking in terms of "This OR That" and embrace a mindset of "This AND That". A year ago I already realised that I was falling for this pattern out of habit, often settling for things deeply believing I couldn't possibly have both of anything. Reading it in this book was just a shock to my system and a motivation to keep on working on it.

  • We all have minimums and maximums when it comes to money. That one blew my mind big time because I realised that I had been limiting myself big time, thanks to old childhood beliefs, and now I finally have the insight to start healing and set new standards on that front.

True to the concept of the law of attraction that says that you can't attract something into your life unless you start raising your frequency to that level, the whole book is explaining it in a more rational way for the skeptics. If you don't believe something is possible, you won't work toward achieving it, so again, it all boils down to changing your mindset and then get working on achieving that goal...KNOWING you can. This book is obviously about money, but the same principle applies to everything else in your life you want to start shifting around All in all, it's a book that makes it to my "Must read list" which is exactly why I'm sharing it here.

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