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Plan 2023 in style, all your options in India

2023 is right around the corner and with it the need to get a planner, or BuJo to plan it in style. The options to do so in India are now a lot greater than they were several years ago and we are spoilt for choice : Bullet Journal, undated planner, date planner, all in several colors and style. Not being organised is not an option anymore. But which planner/journal should you go for?

I hinted at the fact I will no longer keep a bullet journal in 2023 because it's no longer the right fit for me and my lifestyle and goals.

I've been on the hunt for a more conventional planner that still look pretty to satisfy me visual memory and creative soul. I also knew I wanted plenty of space to write list, notes, and goals and still have a LOT of space to write tasks and appointments each day. I wasn't set on a dated planner or an undated one. And in the end, I went with this one from the June Shop (Amazon Affiliate link). If shopping on Amazon isn't your thing they also have their own website : The June Shop, with more options including new designs that are now on pre-order (both dated and undated).

The things I love the most about this planner are the fact that while still looking pretty, the artwork is not super overwhelming and I can still add my personnal touch to it. It also has several pages of lists at the beginning of each month and a review page at the end of the month so I can reflect on what went on during the month and keep on track with my goals. All in all, it's quite close to my approach to bullet journalling, but pre-printed, leaving me free time to do something else. Planning BuJo spread is what got a bit tedious over the years for me. In this blog post, I'm going to list your planner and journal options for 2023 which are all available in India.

dated planner

Those are the ones for those who need pre-printed everything to stay on track in 2023 and there are several options out there :

  • The June Shop has them on pre-order at the moment

  • Happy Wagon has been working with several artists to bring you several dated planner options for the year to come.

  • The Ink Bucket has several 2023 planners with hardbound and spiral bound covers.

  • The art loom has more compact yet still cute and practical hardbound options.

  • Then there is Amazon (affiliate link) that has all the options listed above in one place and more, including super conventional and probably more professional looking options from brands such as "MyPaperclip"

undated planners

They are the best options for those who need more flexibility and aren't quite cut for the Bullet Journal method or have time to devote to make weekly spreads and tracker pages from scratch. You can fill the dates and months as you go or fill the whole year worth of dates all at the start of the year (which I did already).

Again, you have several options out there.

  • The June Shop, where I got mine from has a big selection of undated planner, including a few new covers and page layout that are currently on pre-order.

  • Alicia Souza, an Indian illustrator has 3 different undated planner on her website currently, including one named "Busy Bee" with more space to jot down appointment and to-do lists for each day.

  • Several options are also available on Amazon (affliate link) for those who'd like to explore more options.

bullet journals

I kept a BuJo between 2017 and 2022 and I have used several options over the years. My first one was in a basic ruled notebook from my local stationery shop. Followed by a dotted grid from myPAPERCLIP which no longer exists. It was back then the first made in India dotted grid notebook I came accross.

I got a Matrikas journal 2 years in a row, first was a Matrikas Elite and the next year a Matrikas Marvel.

In 2021 and 2022 I splurged on Archer & Olives journals. One was with white paper purchased from Bigger Dreams Co. They are no longer stocking new journals from that brand there, but I highly recommend you look at their other brands. They stock Leuchtturms which I use for my account book and my Life Journal.

The Archer & Olive Blackout book I'm using this year is available with another BuJo supplies store based in India : Paper planning and more. So if super thick silky soft paper is your thing, look no further they bring to you the Rolls-Royes of bullet journals to India at the most reasonable possible price. The Indian brand The Jotting dots which you can find on Bigger Dreams is also having their own websites to shop from if you'd rather shop directly with them. They specialise in thick paper dotted grid journals and art journals, so if planning 2023 in stile with lots of doodles is your thing, go have a look.

So, how are you going to plan year 2023? Which planner team are you on? let me know in the comments.

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