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February 2024 Printable Calendar

February 2024 printable calendar

Hi everyone! How has January treated you? Do we all agree that it was an extremely long and slow month and that all the internet memes about it being 486 or more days might be on to something? Well the good news is that we are done with January and we are stepping in what has always been the shortest month of the year...even on a leap year where it gains one extra day. For us, it's business as usual, the February 2024 printable calendar is available in the Freebie zone, where you can join us for free. So any plans for the longest shortest month of the year? If you are a commercial artist and surface designer you should ideally be uploading all your summer themed designs on print on demand platforms right now so that Google gets the time to crawl and index them, all the while starting to think about creating autumn, back to school and Halloween designs if you plan on building collections around those themes. Me? I'm more of a design thing during the season itself and shelf them until the next uploading window kind of person, because I need to be in the right mood to design for holidays, but yes, I definitely wait until it's the right time to start uploading seasonal designs, and that time precedes the season by at least 4-5 months. On the marketing front, the first half of February should be dedicated to Valentines Day themed designs and spring florals since it's the month everyone is starting to be fed up with winter (except here in Mumbai) and long for longer, and warmer days. February is going to be the month of the Floral Frog on Patreon with the printable stickers going live at the end of this week and other rewards in the next few weeks.

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