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The new Home Cyn Home Patreon shop is live!

Pink Christmas tree stripes printable gift envelopes

Last year I had to close down my Etsy shop because it reached a point at which selling printables in it costed me more per months in listing fees renewal than I actually made in sales. That was when I started offering some of those printables as rewards to my Patreons but becoming a paid subscriber isn't something everyone is willing to do. So imagine how happy I was to learn that Patreon launched a new way for artists and creator to earn an income on the platform with their brand new Patreon shops.

These shops are meant for artists and creator to sell any sort of digital content. There are no listing fees, and Patreon only take a percentage of the sale when a sale happens, which is great if all you are selling are instant download digital files. You now have an option beside Etsy.

The shop is accessible to EVERYONE, this means if you don't want to become a subscriber and just want to buy the one product you want in the shop, you can do so. All of the purchases in the shop are one off purchases. As a creator, I also have the option to make shops products FREE for some of my subscribers which is exactly what I did with the Printable 2024 calendar. My tier 2 and 3 Patreons get it free as part of their pledge.

The 2024 printable calendar is up for download

I'm adding files gradually to that shop and I am excited with the potential it offers, including the possibility to offer videos and tutorials in the future as well. I found out today as I was uploading the Printable Christmas gift envelope and card that the minimum price I can set in my shop is 3$, so with that in mind, there will be a lot of bundle files rather that single files, expecially with things like printable stickers and postcards, which I plan to start uploading next month.

Remember that Patreon is a great way to support independent artists either with a paid subscription to their content, or with the new Patreon shop that is now live for all to buy from.

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