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gift wrap your presents in style with Society6

The most festive time of the year is right around the corner and Christmas trees are starting to pop up (mine goes up this Sunday) Along with it all, the quest for the perfect gift has started for many of you. But what about the perfect way to wrap the perfect gift?

Sure you could just grab a roll of gift wrap paper, but with all the talks about sustainability, it's seems like an awful lot of paper going down the trash each Holidays season, something we should all be more mindful of.

The thing is, there are lot of options to wrap your gifts in a more eco friendly way, like re-using paper, using old brown paper bags and painting them, or wrapping your gifts in a piece of fabric or a re-usable box. Then there is the option of buying a re-usable, bag or box to wrap the actual present and let the packaging be a second present. Society6 has several options that perfectly work as a stylish, yet re-usable or repurposable gift wrap.

the carry-all pouches

This is one of the Society6 product I can vouch for personally because the pouch in the picture on the left is not a mock-up picture but the actual deal, I bought it in 2018 and it's still in perfect conditions years later. Society6 has 3 different sizes for those pouches:

  • Small (6 x 5 inches) which is the one in the picture

  • Medium (9.5 x 6 inches)

  • Large (12.5 x 8.5 inches) which is big enough to keep a regular sized iPad in.

You can use them to wrap cute jewellery items, phone cases, a gift card, or art supplies and Home Cyn Home has over 400 different designs to chose from.

they double up as a great way to keep your purse knick-knack under control, keep your pens and pencils handy while you travel or store some of your cosmetics for a weekend trip. And they are affordable too, at full price without discounts (which is rarely the case) they start at 22$.

acrylic boxes

With dimensions of 4x4x3 inches, these cute little boxes are made to accommodate jewellry items. But you can use them to wrap a few chocolate and candies as well, or a bunch of hand made scrunchies or other hair accessories, that way the recipient get the gift of style and fashion along with a way to keep those new pieces stored and organized, and it will look good on their dresser. Yes, the box is transparent, but if you pair it with a handkerchief or a scare of fabric, you are on to something. At full price they are 35$ but more often than not, like everything on Society6, there is always a discount on them that makes them a bargain to buy, and again, most Home Cyn Home designs are enabled on that product.

Tote bags

Meet the most versatile of them all! The canvas tote, used by many companies as a way to put together a goody bag for their client. No corporate gift catalogue doesn't have a tote or two to customise and I don't think there is a single Print on Demand company out there that doesn't have it as part of their products. The good old tote bag can hold a lot, look as cute as a paper gift bag and can be used for years to come to hold your groceries and do your bit for the planet every time you shop. The have a maximum retail price of 33$ on Society6 but if you wait for a promotion sale, they are a lot cheaper (again most of the time). And it's available on pretty much all of Home Cyn Home's designs too.

The good old wrapping paper

Not the most sustainable, but definitely re-usable if one is careful enough peeling of the tape. At the default of being super ecofriendly, these at least pay an independent artist each time you buy it. They come in pack of 5 sheets each measuring 20 x 29 inches and at full price they are 29$

Society6 is a great place to do all your Holiday shopping and they have promotions every week, right now they have a massive, up to 50% off promo on everything until November 30th 2022. It may look like a big company and some of you prefer shopping small, but Society6 is actually one of the best platform for independent artists, each time you purchase something from Society6, you help an artist and surface designer such as myself make a living. We indeed do get paid our dues on each sales with them and they are also very reliable when it comes to shipping. The ship worldwide and each and every time I ordered from them to be delivered in India, it took my orders 15 days from ordering to delivery in Mumbai

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