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July 2024 printable calendar page

mint and pink tropical flat lay illustration with seashells and palm leaves for the July calendar page

The summer hopefully kicked in for several of you guys, even though it seems to be playing hide and seek in Europe. When I drew this illustration last year, I thought of summer vacations and gave it a beach theme knowing it would go on illustrating the July 2024 printable calendar page. Printable page which is now up for download in the freebie zone.

I just came back from an almost week long vacation to Goa where I celebrated my birthday. I did get some beach vibes even though the monsoon has properly kicked in on the west coast in India and I brought back half the seashells found at our hotel beach to decorate my place. Now it's time to get back to work and get creating new designs ahead of the festive season and winter...yes! WINTER. I already uploaded a few Halloween themed patterns on Spoonflower, and the first Christmas one for the season, with more to come as I let the rain put me in an autumn kind of mood. If you are a designer, here is what you should be doing in July : - Promote : Summer themed designs, especially on PoD like Society6 and Redbubble because people are still in the mood to buy them now (less on Spoonflower where people are buying fabric for autumn and Christmas projects). You should start promoting a few more generic and geometric designs with fall colors as well because people are going to start shopping for back to school. College students are also likely to plan decorating their dorm, so anything Gen Z is into is worth promoting.

-Upload : Halloween and autumn/fall designs! People are starting to plan ahead, especially crafters and sewing enthusiasts who buy fabric by the yard. You can also start uploading Christmas designs as people tend to shop early for the holidays not the be caught off guard at the last minute.

-Design : Christmas and winter themed illustrations should be your focus right now, along with fall designs you can whip up quickly outside of a collection, or as add ons to an existing collection.

I personally find it a lot easier to design for the festive season ahead when the monsoon kicked in, it's hard to draw Christmas stuff and pumpkins when it's 35+ degrees celsius outside and the sun is out to roast you alive in your flip flops. I tend to work quickly on designs, so I can afford myself that luxury of starting late in the season. But if you are a type A overthinking machine, this might be better to start earlier and focus on winter and Valentine's day in July. In other news, there are a few more designs of mine that made it to my Deny Designs gallery, so if you are a wholesale business, you might want to check them out.

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