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June 2024 printable calendar page

June 2024 printable calendar with a sushi flat lay illustration in mint and pink

We've officially made it to the 6th month of 2024 people! It's now half time. We are as far from its beginning as we are from it's end. This means the June 2024 printable calendar page is up for grab in the freebie zone and time to get ready to plan yet another month.

I'm looking forward to this month of June for several reasons :

  • It's my birth month and I have no problem getting older, 45 trips around the suns and more fun with each rounds.

  • The monsoon is coming soon, June is the month we see the monsoon make a comeback in Mumbai and when you've been suffocating in steaming heat for 4 months you dream of nothing but rain and cooler days

  • My mom is coming over for my birthday and we are planning a trip.

I'm happy to have May behind us, this year has been pretty BRUTAL on the climate front and the last two weeks of the month have been downright debilitating thanks to off the charts heat and humidity. So much so I spent the past week in bed with a giant viral cold because my poor body just needs a break from this insanity. But all not was lost and I have a few achievements under the belt. First I joined Symplico, an India based fabric printing company, you can read all about it in this blog post. I ordered some of my fabric and it's with a tailor as I type this and will be turned into a top in less than 2 weeks (another thing to look forward to in June!). I also created a brand new, fun collection called Cactus Fiesta (detailed blog post coming soon). So if you are a designer, what should you be paying attention to in June?

  • You should be promoting summer designs on social media, because people buying on PoD like Society6 and Redbubble are still going to be interested in purchasing all the tropical, beachy and summery designs you created and uploaded over the past few months.

  • You should be uploading fall and Halloween themed designs, and start uploading a few Christmas designs too. ESPECIALLY on fabric printing websites like Spoonflower, because crafters, quilters and seamstresses are all stocking up on these in the Summer to be ready to create festive projects. Remember that for a lot of Fabric PoD the turnover to print an order can be quite long and take 7-8 days or more, so it pays to be ready with all things festive right away. This applies to Diwali designs as well, as this year the festival of light falls early November, in fact the first Day of Diwali falls on October 29th and the last day on November 3rd.

  • Last but not least, you should start focusing on creating, late fall and winter patterns or patterns with more muted winterish color palettes. If you are really on your A game, you can start designing Valentine's day designs as well.

Not going to lie here, designing winter patterns and illustrations isn't on my radar yet, It's even harder to get into it than it is fall designs when you live in a tropical climate. My hack for all those seasonal designs that I feel disconnected from is to create them closer to the season in question, upload them during said season but knowing that they will not get fully indexed for this year and be more searchable the next year. Things like snowflakes, Christmas trees, and winter animals are evergreen trends and something people will start searching for at the start of each season. I see May and June as the time to start uploading evergreen geometric and floral designs, but in less summery colors, which is why I tend to pay attention to color trends more than actual seasonal motif trends.

On these wise words, I'll leave you all to it...happy month of June!

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