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The hot color trend for fall 2024

orange, purple and magenta enamel mugs with retro and floral patterns in front of an orange and pink botanical wallpaper

I know, I know, we are in May and the summer vacation period is just starting to be something that can be called a near future reality for many. But, when you are a surface designer, you tend to live your professional life a few seasons ahead of time, and right now, is the perfect time to start spotting fall 2024 trends and use them as creative inspiration. After all, people will start buying fall and festive season everything sooner than you think. And this year, there is one hot color trend for fall 2024 you should pay some serious attention to because it has started to pop all over the place already. The world is still in love with yesteryear and all things mod and 70s are still something people are into and along with it, the bold saturated orange, pink, and magenta tones that go with the groovy decade and disco era. Pantone was not completely off mark picking an orange tone as the 2024 color of the year, even if in my opinion they picked the most boring one they could with peach fuzz.

Peach and orange botanical patent leather stiletto shoe

Orange has been a color that has popped more and more in the past year alone, and is being mixed with other bold tones like yellow, pink, magenta and purple. Think late 70s and early 80s disco era which where the inspiration for my Disco Dreams collection. Those bold tones have started to show up everywhere and if you need a clear example, look no further than Louis Vuitton's pre-fall Voyager fashion show which took place a few weeks back in Shangai. Love it or hate it, but don't ignore it! Vuitton isn't the only fashion house tapping into those bold colors, several designers have or are tapping into it right now. I got to watch Society6's webinar about upcoming trends which is a perk paid members will get regularly from now on and they also narrowed in on that color trend along with bold colorful mod designs, the rise of Art Deco trends, and colorful bohemian vibes. And their homepage and curator's picks have been reflecting that a lot recently.

pink and orange tiger wallpaper with mid century modern white furniture

Not so surprisingly, the Pink and orange tiger design that started selling really well last year on Society6 is still one of my best seller almost a year later. This trend of going for bolder, more saturated colors has been going for a few years already, and my theory is that the 2020 pandemic has changed how people view their space. we've all spent a fair chunk of time stuck at home 4 years ago, and in some countries like India, this dragged well into 2021. I can get how living in beige, white and grey when you are on house arrest can wear thin quickly. Vintage maximalism suddenly became a trend around that time too, people want to have fun with their space...and lives and it shows in all the current trends.

Bold festive table scape with a pink and orange botanical table cloth and purple, orange and magenta geometric designs plates and napkins

I'm all for it as a color lover, I never quite understood the playing it safe with neutrals and nothing else and my whole brand is pretty built on colors. After all, Home Cyn Home's tag line is "Be bold and colorful" I remember my younger days working as an apprentice decorator between 99 and 2003 and about 95% of what we worked with were boring neutrals : brown, grey or navy sofas upholstery, beige curtains galore, and if it was going to be a sheer curtain, you bet the client would pick a white, with the most conservative border.

The 90s and Y2K years weren't the most exciting in term of home decor trends and I hope that people never think of reviving those in the future. Give me all the extravagance of the Art Deco era and the 60's and 70s and make it last! By the way, Art Deco is another trend you want to pay special attention to, it's rising right now, and I will write more about it in another blog post. For now, go and have fun exploring the fall 2024 colors and start uploading them now as retro geometric patterns and florals are evergreen motifs that can be used in all seasons.

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