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New Pet products on Redbubble

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Every now and then, my production partners add new products to their range of items, which is the perfect occasion for me to enable my best designs on their new offerings. Last week, Redbubble launched 4 new products specially for your furry friend : Cat mats, dog mats, pet blankets, and pet bandanas. There is not reason why cool unique designs should only be reserved for humans when you can get your pet to be as cool and trendy as you are.

Here is a walk-through of all 4 of the new products to treat your dog or cat to.

Love your pet but not the hair they leave on your sofa, armchair or in your car? These new pet blanket can keep your furniture neat and do it in style. The blanket is made of soft polyester fleece and comes in 2 different sizes and is enabled in most of Home Cyn Home's designs. This cute blanket will also keep your pet warm on a cold day, and can be used in their pet basket or bed.

Dress up your dog (or cat) to match your style with those super cute bandanas. Like the blanket, they come in 2 different sizes : - Size S for small dogs and cats

- Size L for medium and large breed dogs

These pet bandanas are printed triangles of polyester fabric so that you don't have to fold the fabric and fuss to make it sit right on your dog's neck. Simply tie the corners and you are ready to go. You can hype both you and your pet's style quotient by twining. Redbubble has had fabric scarves for humans for as long as I sold my designs with them.

Every pet owner will tell you that the feeding area is always a mess, after all, our furry friends do not have the same dinning etiquette we have.

It's time to say goodbye to boring ugly plastic placemats and welcome in a cute, washable mat that will blend with your decor and prevent spills on your floor.

Redbubble has them in two different avatar:

- Fish shaped for your cat

- Bone shaped for your dog

Both are made of absorbent foam with a non skid backing so that the mat stays put where you need them even under attack from a rowdy hungry pet. When it's dirty, simply toss in the washing machine and wash it on cold water setting.

Shopping on Redbubble is really the best way to ensure you find unique designs that will match your style perfectly and pays an artist/designer their fare share. Love what you see on Home Cyn Home and don't want to miss an update? Consider joining the newsletter. You'll get a welcome set of printable stickers and updates every week about new blog posts and discounts. You will also get the printable calendar page for the month, and a new set of printable stickers every months. Simply click the picture below to sign up :

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