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Society6 steel water bottle review

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Back in March, when pools reopened and I found myself need a new water bottle, I decided to order one of my Society6 water bottle to celebrate.

Now after a couple of month of using it, I can give you guys a full review of it, and yes! Society6 does deliver to India, and they are quite fast at it too, so don't let where you live stop you from ordering from them (hint hint, they shop worldwide).

Having a sturdy bottle that is easy to clean, and keeps my water cool are two of my main requirement when I look at buying a water bottle, along with of course having no harmful BPA and being as plastic free as possible. Because I don't know about you guys, but plastic bottles all end up really stinking after a while, no matter how often you clean them, and that is a HUGE turn off for me.

Society6's water bottles have been on my radar since they released them toward the end of 2020 but with the pandemic raging and the fact India had so many restrictions in place, I didn't want to order a bottle that could get stuck in transit so I waited for things to settle, and then 2021 hit, with the Delta wave and a whole renewed level of madness, so it was on the back burner again, beside a water bottle wasn't something I needed right away being stuck at home and not having access to a pool anyway.

2022 gave us some relief, pools reopened, life went back to almost normal, and when I went back to swimming regularly, I realised I forgot how stupidly dehydrated one can be right after a good swim, this is when I knew it was tine to FINALLY get one of my water bottles!

The most difficult things was to CHOOSE a design, because my shop currently has 429 designs (and counting) to chose from and a vast majority of them are enabled as water bottles.

I knew I wanted a summer vibe design that would be perfect for the pool and I ended up narrowing it down to my retro sunglasses design and my synchronized swimmers.

I ended up choosing the sunglasses because it was less pool specific and I could carry it around without having to explain why my bottle has a bunch of ladies in swimming costumes on it. Plus I haven't done any synchro since my 20's!

Those bottles come in 3 different sizes : 12, 18 and 32oz and with 3 different lid options : straw, sport or handle lid.

I went with a 18oz bottle with a handle lid because years of experience with my daughter's water bottles told me that anything with moving parts tend to have a shorter life, and straws are a pain in the butt to keep clean in this hot and humid climate where things take time to dry. Ordering from India is pretty easy, and from the day I ordered to the day it was delivered it took 15 days, the first 5 days the bottle was in "production" since Society6 is a print on demand company that holds no inventory. This bottle wasn't the first thing I ever ordered with them, and 15 days is pretty much the standard for all ordered I placed with them.

When I received the bottle, I did an unboxing reel on Instagram to show you all the quality of the bottle as I took it out, no filters, no edits. The print quality with Society6 has always been excellent and the colors are ALWAYS as close to the on screen design as possible which is a huge plus when you shop with them, you know you won't be disappointed with the colors. The bottle came packed in a fabric drawstring bag that was packed into a snug cardboard box so your bottle stays safe in transit and reaches your scratch free. The bottle has a nice matte finish which makes it easy to hold grip even with sweaty hands. This bottle is not going to be one you'll drop because it slipped through your wet hands which is a big HUGE plus for me, I can be a bit clumsy, and the last thing I need is dropping my water bottles on my toe because it slipped through my fingers after getting out of the pool.

The other thing I am completely sold on with this bottle is the wide neck, it makes it super easy to clean and air dry, which means it won't smell off because some water pooled in it while you washed it. If you have kids and have spent a significant amount of time and money replacing their school's water bottle, you know how real the struggle of cleaning a narrow neck bottle is. With this bottle it's GONE, no more hassle, no more stinky bottles!

One of my friend bought one for herself and said she prefers wide neck bottles because it's easier to put ice cubes in it, which I never thought of but is another valid point in favour of wide neck bottles if you ask me.

It's a double walled steel bottle, which means the liquid you put in it will stay hot or cold a long time. Society6 claims cold water can stay cold for 24 hours and hot water stay hot for 12. I haven't used it to put anything warm in it, and I usually pack fridge cold water in it before heading to the pool and usually empty it after my workout. I'll say that though : A few times I had no choice but to leave my stuff in a sunny spot at the pool, 11am strong an sunny at that, and my water stayed fridge cool even with the outer wall of the bottle feeling hot for 2 hours.

I have no difficulties believing the claims on S6, it is a properly insulated bottle, the kind you could pack hot tea, coffee or soup in if you need to in the winter.

My bottle being a handle lid, is probably not the best option if you plan on using it WHILE working out, unscrewing it to drink can be a bit cumbersome if you are taking a quick water break in the middle of a Zumba class and will be impossible doing while running on a treadmill, so if you do a high intensity workout and need to hydrate fast, pick their sport or straw lid option instead.

When you order from India, it seems the order will be fulfilled and shipped out of Korea where Society6 has a production partner that is probably in charge of delivering to all of the Asia Pacific region. Back in 2018 when I ordered last it was shipping out of US and there was no custom duty then, but I'm guessing that now with custom being levied on US parcels, Society6 must have found a better way around it. I ordered this water bottle and an Apple watch band in 2022, both shipped from Korea and attracted no custom duty. That said, I would still recommend not ordering anything in bulk, the bigger the order, the more likely you might have to pay some custom on it. Both parcels shipped to me this year had been opened by the custom office in Mumbai, so play it safe.

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