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April 2024 printable calendar page

April 2024 printable calendar page illustration with lemons and lemonade

It's that time of the month again!!!!! The April 2024 printable calendar page is up for download on the freebie page.

I don't know about you, but I'm not quite sure what to make of April. It feels like an in-between kind of month with the school year not being quite over for us just yet, but nothing really major happening. Mumbai gets really hot around that time, so while most people in Europe and US are happy to see steady signs of Spring, we are just about to go into "Summer Hibernation" over here. It involves only really going out to either a pool or a place with AC and spending the rest of the time at home with a tub of ice cream watching Netflix. Most importantly, in my own opinion at least, it's the month that comes after the worst month of the year : March! So you are kind of a survivor exiting a month that has been energetically draining feeling half proud and half beaten and wondering "What now?" If you are a commercial artist and surface designer, here are a few answer to that question : April is the month you should be focusing on promoting spring themed content, but you should be starting to think about Halloween and Christmas designs idea. Which is extremely hard when you live in the tropics and you are getting steamed like a dumpling. The designs you can upload to your PoD shops right now are evergreen florals or geometric designs, non-holiday or season specific illustrations and travel themed illustration, because at this point the summer vacations aren't too far away and people are going to start looking for fun vacation themed t-shirts very soon. You can also keep uploading tropical, coastal and beach themed designs as well. Which is why my new collection Beach n Surf was the only thing I focused on getting out last month. So what have you all been working on recently? Also I'm really trying to find ideas to keep this blog going, so if you have posts suggestions, please leave me a comment below...truly appreciated.

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